Sports First Aid




First Aid for Sport, Fitness and Exercise - If you have a duty of care for the general public, as a sports coach, personal trainer, leisure centre or gym/martial arts instructor or at a charity event, this course will meet your requirements.  Most coaching awards now demand an up to date first aid qualification to maintain their validity.


Different sporting sectors require a different level of first aid training and competence. Over the past 5 years Red Dragon First Aid has developed a range of sports first aid courses to meet the needs of different sporting activities, levels of coach and venue. So whether your are a dancer, sports / masseur or physio, rugby player, martial arts expert or just a volunteer parent there should be course for you. Our sports first aid course trainers are experienced first aid trainers who have either a professional background in sport or are active practitioners on their own right.

Take a look at the Sports First Aid course we offer:




Sport Injury & Pitchside Return to Play Decisions (Pitchside Course) 
This is a 1 day course for the sports coach, club physio, match official or volunteer parent who are pitchside (or in the studio/dojo) when an accident occurs.
This course is popular with active team sports participants (rugby, football, hockey) where tackles and tumbles are common place.
The core of the course is about making good return to play or cease to play decisions. We will guide you through what are your immediate actions after the incident should be and give you a straightforward decision making process to apply to making return to play decisions for sports players and participants.
The course also covers managing specialist sports kit such as gum shields, when to and not to use ice, and sports specific first aid concerns such as managing winding, blows to testicles and dead legs. Serious injury requiring immediate medical attention is reviewed as well as conditions such as compartment syndrome.
The course does not cover basic life support; CPR, choking and dealing with collapse.
Certificate valid for 3 years.

Courses can be arranged at your venue.

Sport Emergency Action  (Unit 1 - 7hrs)
A systematic life-saving sports first aid course covering the essential knowledge, skills and decisions for all first aiders in this sector, especially addressing the influence of sports activity and specialist equipment, such as gum shields, upon casualty care.

Course content:

  • Safe best practice
  • Vital signs
  • A systematic approach to incident management
  • Monitoring conscious casualties
  • Unconsciousness, causes and treatment
  • External bleeding, internal bleeding and shock
  • Resuscitation procedures including choking
  • Awareness of current regulations
  • Certificate valid for 3 years 

Sport Emergency Incident Management (Unit 1 + Unit 2 - 14hrs in total) 
Unit 2 builds on the emergency life saving first aid skills developed in unit 1 and extends them to include assessing and treating common sporting injuries, managing cease to play decisions and incident management.

Course content:

  • Cease to play decisions
  • Recognition of concussion
  • Head, neck and spine impact injuries
  • Soft tissue injury - when to and when not to use ice
  • Sports specific practical scenario training
  • Incident Management
  • Certificate valid for 3 years

Activity First Aid 

HE colleges can receive funding for Activity First Aid courses, these are ideal for students on Sports, Recreation Management or Uniformed/Public Services courses.


Aquatic First Aid BCU coaches require a first aid qualification alongside their coaching award. As approved HSE course providers Red Dragon First Aid can run an aquatic first aid course for your club or join one of our ITC courses approved by the BCU.


Please call us on 07709 488863 to organise a course for your club coaching staff or students. 

Team managers working with all ages of people in all activities take this award as a minimum standard of duty of care. The course is also very popular with trainee and assistant instructors starting out on their career in sports. First Aid for Sport is the application of essential first aid principles to casualties in the sporting environment including; athletic events, team sports, disability sports, water sports and adventure sports, giving emphasis and bias to the statistically common sporting injuries. 

Fulfil your duty of care, statutory, authority and school obligations as a sports teacher, school journey leader, minibus driver and club instructor with this recognised award. 

Most coaching awards now demand a minimum up to date first aid qualification as part of their validity.